Kale, Swiss Chard and Edamame Soup

By Deb C. from Odyssey Charter School, Palm Bay Florida.


Main dish.

This soup with it's beautiful green and orange colors is a delight to look at and brings your taste buds to life. The aroma of it simmering will have you begging to eat! Couple this with a slice of crusty bread and you will satisfy your hunger and give energy to your body.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 1 cup

From Fat8%
From Saturated Fat0%
From Sugar16%


Ingredient 6 servings 50 servings
extra virgin olive oil1 tsp1/4 cup
chopped onion1/8 cup3/4 cup
chopped celery1/4 cup1 cup
chopped garlic1 tsp2 TBS
frozen sliced carrots7 oz2.5 lbs
fresh chopped swiss chard1/4 cup1 lb
fresh chopped kale ( stems removed )1/4 cup1 lb
canned diced tomatoes with juice4 oz2 lbs
diced fresh red potatoes1/4 cup1 lb
frozen peas1/4 cup1 lb
fresh edamame beans 1/4 cup1 lb
vegetable stock1 tsp1/4 cup
water1 cup1 gallon
salt free seasoning1/2 tsp1 TBS
diced yellow squash1/4 cup1 lb


Heat olive oil in large pot and saute onions, celery and garlic until soft. Add water and veggie stock. Add remaining vegetables and bring to a boil. Turn down heat and simmer one hour. Season with salt free seasoning.