Why is USDA and Let’s Move! holding the Recipes for Healthy Kids Challenge?

The purpose of the challenge is to improve nutrition in schools, and to help bring about relationships that will ideally persist into other areas of the school menu and result in best practices on how chefs and schools can work together. The challenge is a follow-up to Apps for Healthy Kids, which is a challenge to improve childhood nutrition through software.

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What kind of recipes should we submit?

Recipes must fit in to one of three categories: 1) Whole Grains, 2) Dark Green and Orange Vegetables, and 3) Dry Beans and Peas. Please view the category requirements of the Official Rules and the Additional Requirements for All Recipes section of the Official Rules for specific information.

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Can I submit more than one recipe?

A team may submit up to three recipes total, but no more than one recipe in each category.

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A team should consist of whom?

Teams must have at least four individuals as members: 1) a Chef; 2) a School Nutrition Professional (“SNP”); 3) at least one Student; and 4) a community member (including a parent, if desired). Only the Chef, SNP, or community member is permitted to do the online registration.

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Can I be on more than one team?