Rainbow Rice

By Susan Z. from Highland Elementary School, Cheshire, Connecticut.


Once you have tasted "Rainbow Rice" you will feel like you've gone over the rainbow!  Packed with healthy whole grains and colorful vegetables this recipe is a sure winner for those wanting  a super healthy dish  without sacraficing taste.  The combination of whole grains, chicken, and vegetables make for a delicious entree on any school menu.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 1 cup

From Fat33.3%
From Saturated Fat9%
From Sugar2%


Ingredient 6 servings 50 servings
Brown Rice1/2 cup4 1/8 c.
Long Grain & Wild Rice1/2 cup4 1/8 c.
Barley1/2 cup4 1/8 c.
Quinoa1/4 cup2 1/16 c.
Bulger Wheat1/2 cup4 1/8 c.
Chicken1 1/2 lb.12 1/2 lb.
Carrots1 cup8 1/3 c.
Red Peppers1 cup8 1/3 c.
Spinach1 cup8 1/3 c.
Low Sodium Chicken Base1 Tbsp.8 1/3 Tbsp
Kosheer Salt1/8 tsp.1 1/16 tsp
Olive Oil1 tsp.8 1/3 tsp

  1. Wash hands for 20 seconds.

  2. Use single use papertowel to dry.

  3. Cook brown rice, long grain & wild rice, and barley together with low sodium chicken base. Follow package directions for amount of water to add. **Note: For 6 sv. use 4 inch square hotel pan; 50 sv. use full size deep hotel pan. Cooking time in pressure cooker/steamer is approximately 45 minutes for 6 sv. and 1 3/4 hour for 50 sv.

  4. Cook bulger wheat and quinoa together. **For 6 sv. use 1/4 hotel pan and cook for 10 minutes in pressure cooker/steamer. For 50 sv. use 4 inch square hotel pan and cook for approximately 45 minutes.

5.While whole grains are cooking, chop carrots & red peppers into small dice, drizzle with olive oil and pinch of kosher salt, mix to coat.

  1. Roast on sheet pan in convection oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes (6 sv.) or 20 minutes (50 sv.) or until soft.

  2. Finely chop spinach.

  3. Cook chicken in pressure cooker/steamer to proper temperature and cut into cubes (Note: Frozen diced chicken can be used for faster prep time.)

  4. Mix all ingredients together.

  5. Serve or hold in warmer at a minimum of 140 degrees.

Note: Serving Size is 1 cup. Cooking times may vary depending on equipment/ovens used.

Optional: Serve entree with basic chicken gravy if desired.