Gold Rush Pizza

By Janice S. and paul r. from Sartell Middle School, Sartell/ Minnesota.


One bite of this Pizza and you will be" Rushing" back for more. This entree has all the flavor of a good tasting pizza and is packed with 2  healthy vegetables, Kale and Sweet potatoes. For those of you who do not favor sweet potatoes you will be pleasantly surprized by the flavor. You will also enjoy the chicken and melted mozzarella cheese on this pizza. MM good!

Here are the links to two local newspapers that featured our taste testing day. click on Students get to sample contest entrees, Thu december 16, 2010.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 1

From Fat19.61%
From Saturated Fat7.04%
From Sugar4.64%


Ingredient 6 servings 50 servings
Sweet Potato, Raw chopped to 1/3 inch cubes2-1/2cup1 gallon
Kale, Raw, chopped 1/3 inch pieces1/2 cup/4oz.1 gallon
Garlic, Raw1TBLS3/4 cup
Tomatoes, Diced Low-Sod , cnd Commodity15oz.2 1/4 quart
Pizza crust 16" Riches Manf item # 84881 SMS6/10 of a 16" crust5- 16" crusts
Chicken, Diced, Ckd, Frozen, Commod.3/4 cup/6oz.6.5 cups/3.25 LB
Cheese Mozzarella, Lite-Commod.3/4 cup/6oz.6 cups/3LB
Canola oil1tsp3TBSP
Garlic Powder1/4 tsp2tsp


1.) Preheat convection oven to 350 degrees.

2.)In steamer steam peeled and cubed sweet potatoes(1/3")5-7 minutes until slightly softened, drain and cool.

3.) Steam Kale 2-3 minutes,drain and cool.

4.)Drain off half of the juice from the diced tomatoes; discard juice. To the diced tomatoes add remaning juice, add garlic. Stir.

5.) Place pizza crust on pan sprayed 16 " pizza screen or pan sprayed full size sheet pan.

6.)Divide tomato mixture (3/4 cup and 2 TBSP) on to one pizza crust. Leave 1/2 inch edge of crust without sauce. Do five crusts total. For 6 servings use 2/3 of a 16 inch pizza crust and spread 15 oz. of tomato mixture.

7.) Layer each crust in the following order: For 50 servings: Kale. - ( 3 cups and 2TBSP),sweet potatoes (3 cups and 2 TBSP) ,diced chicken (10.4oz.and ending with mozzarella cheese(9.6oz.). For 6 servings -4oz. Kale. 2 1/2 cups sweet potatoes, 6oz.Diced Chicken, 6oz. mozzarella cheese.

8.) Mix Garlic powder and canola oil together and lightly brush the edge of the pizza crust.

9.)Bake at 350 degrees convection oven for 15-20 minutes. Must be 165 degrees or higher.

Note: If a steamer is not available you can roast the sweet potatoes on a sheet pan sprayed with pan spray or on a parchment paper at 300 degrees for 5-8 minutes until sweet potatoes are slightly softened. To wilt chopped kale place it immediatly on top of the softened sweet potatoes and cover with a sheet pan to keep the steam in. Let sit for 5 minutes minimum. You can then cool it down.

Serving size 1 slice. 10 slices per 16 inch pizza.

CCP: Heat to 165 F or higher for at least 15 seconds

CCP: Hold at 140 Degrees F or higher