Rockin' Poppin' Potato Pancakes

By Rebecca K., Jennifer E. and Dawn L. from Joseph D'Aquinni West Road Intermediate, Pleasant Valley, New York .


This side dish combines sweetness, crunchiness and a mouthful of rich yet fresh flavors. The exterior of the pancake is crisp and golden leading into the soft warm and fulfilling interior. The dipping sauce is cool and rich with flavor - only to be topped by a fresh and clean strawberry garnish that cleanses and refreshes the palate. Having the dipping sauce and bright red strawberry make this a fun dish for children to dig into. They will never know they are getting so many vitamins from this mixture of mostly pumpkin and sweet potato.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 8

From Fat3%
From Saturated Fat1%
From Sugar4%


Ingredient 6 servings 50 servings
flour3/4 cup6 1/4 cup
rice flour1/4 cup3 1/3 cup
baking soda1/8 tsp1 tsp
honey1/2 tbsp4 tbsp
cinnamon1/2 tsp4 tbsp
egg1 egg8 eggs
2% milk1 1/4 cup12.5 cups
pumpkin1/4 cup2 cups
sweet potato3/4 cup6.5 cups
greek yogurt1/2 cup4 cups
strawberry6 strawberries50 strawberries
brown sugar1.5 tbsp12.5 tbsp.
vegetable oilenough to lightly cover griddle surfaceenough to lightly coat surface


1.Combine the flours, baking soda and sugar.

  1. Drain a can of sweet potatoes and rinse in colander.

  2. Using a metal spoon, scrape the meat from a raw pumpkin whose seeds have been removed.

  3. Combine the egg, sweet potato, pumpkin and milk in a large mixer.

  4. With mixer running, add dry ingredients gradually until mixture is smooth.

  5. Combine yogurt, honey and cinnamon in a seperate bowl. Set aside for garnish.

  6. Slice strawberries and set aside for garnish.

  7. Lightly grease a large griddle and heat griddle to medium/high heat.

  8. Add approximately 1/2 cup of the batterto heated griddle. Flip pancake once to lightly brown on each side.

  9. Remove browned pancakes and top with yogurt mixture and fresh strawberry. Serve warm.*

*Pancakes can be kept warm in oven on sheet trays at low temperature and will not dry out.