Underground "Candy"

By Lisa G. from Andersen Elementary School, Tulsa, OK.


Who could believe that the roots of plants could taste so sweet and good?  That is what we found out when we tasted the roasted root vegetables, which we call "Underground Candy", because they grow underground and they are incredibly sweet, like candy.  The unusual flavor combination of rutabagas, turnips, parsnips, carrots, and sweet potatoes are very complimentary in this side dish!  Our chef serves these to her kids as a snack, and they think these veggies are the greatest!  So did our students at Andersen Elementary! 

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 1/2 cup

From Fat30.7%
From Saturated Fat4.84%
From Sugar24.5%


Ingredient 6 servings 50 servings
raw carrot, diced1/3 cup/2 oz2.75 cup/1 lb 2 oz
raw parsnip, diced1/2 cup/4 oz4 cups 1.5 oz/2 lb
raw sweet potato, diced1 1/4 cup/12 oz2 qt 2.5 cups/6 lb 4 oz
raw turnip, diced1/2 cup/4.5 oz4 cups 1.5 oz/2 lb 4 oz
raw rutabaga, diced1/2 cup/5 oz4 cups 1.5 oz/2 lb 8 oz
olive or vegetable oil5 tsp7 oz
salt1/2 tsp1 Tbsp 1 1/8 tsp
pepper1/2 tsp1 Tbsp 1 1/8 tsp


Cut vegetables into 1/2 inch pieces. Toss with olive or vegetable oil and season with salt and pepper. Spread in a single layer on a sheet pan and bake at 300 degrees for 20-30 minutes or until roasted and soft. May be served hot or cold. (Tastes sweeter when it is roasted and then refrigerated.) Serve 1/2 cup per serving.