Stir-Fry Fajita Chicken, Squash, and Corn

WINNER: Second Place (Dark Green and Orange Vegetables)

By Cathy G., Cathy G., Cathy G. and Cathy G. from Kayenta Unified, Kayenta, Arizona.


Our team developed this main dish by combining southwest spices with an Asian cooking style. We stir-fried fajita chicken strips with squash, onion, corn, red peppers, and diced chilies. Our contesting ingredient, the Hubbard squash, was grown and purchased locally.  The Hubbard squash is a nutrient dense vegetable with a mildly sweet flavor similar to pumpkin and lends itself well to the stir fry of cooking. The individual flavors were brought together with a blend of black pepper, cumin, garlic powder, and diced tomatoes.  Flavorful juices extracted from the vegetables while stir-frying prevented the dish from drying out.  Our dish uses the natural flavors from vegetables and spices to make a savory meal with flavor only matched by the aroma produced when cooking.  We hope you enjoy this dish as much as we and our students did.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 8 oz

From Fat29%
From Saturated Fat5.4%
From Sugar2.5%


Ingredient 6 servings 50 servings
Fajita Chicken, cooked strips1 lb8.3 lb
Hubbard squash, diced1 lb8.3 lb
Corn, frozen.5 lb4.2 lb
Green chili, diced canned4 oz2 lb
Onion, raw diced4 oz2 lb
Red Pepper, raw, diced4 oz2 lb
Canola Oil2 TB1 cup
Tomatoes, canned diced w/ juice4 oz36 oz
Black Pepper.5 tsp1 1/4 TB
Cumin.5 tsp1 1/4 TB
Garlic Powder.5 tsp1 1/4 TB
Rice (cooked)22 oz12 lb


Begin with using HACCP protocol for preparing food: put on hairnets, apron, and wash hands.

Gather, dice, and measure out vegetables, chicken, and other ingredients.

Heat a 12” skillet for 6 servings, or a tilt skillet for larger batches, with oil. Sauté onions till translucent. Add chicken and squash and stir-fry until squash is barely tender. Add red pepper, corn, green chili, tomato, and spices. Mix and stir until mixture reaches 180 degrees. Reduce heat and let mixture simmer 2-3 minutes. Be careful to not overcook, this is a stir-fry, not a stew.

Pan up and serve over 4 oz rice using and using a #6 disher for Stir-Fry (for high school students)