Yum Yum Rice

By Peggy I., Peggy I. and Peggy I. from Waller Elementry School, Bossier City, La.


This is a side dish but can be easily turned into a main dish by adding chicken, beef or pork.  The tasty bits of vegetables add flavor and color to make this an inviting dish to eat.  The children said they loved the crunchy taste.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 1/2c.

From Fat5%
From Saturated Fat2%
From Sugar6%


Ingredient 6 servings 50 servings
white rice3 cups5lb
bacon2 strips2lb
Carrots1/4 cup2.5 c
Celery1/4 cup3c
Broccoli1/4 cup3c
Bell Pepper1/8 cup2c
Green Onion1/4 cup2c
Onion1/8 cup1c
Soy Sauce2 tbsp1/2c


Prepare rice as direcected. Saute' onions, bell pepper, carrots celery ( which have been diced into bite size pieces) in 1/2c oil in a large boiler pot. Add precooked bacon, crumbled in small pieces. Add rice and stir for several minutes. Add soy sauce, stir and serve.