Southwest Turkey Crunch

By Sharon S., Sharon S. and Ed C. from Liberty Middle School, Orlando, FL.


Glorious colors and piquant flavor equal the zest of the Southwest.  Tri colored tortilla chips, salsa, andf resh cilantro compliments traditionally favorite poultry and beans.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 1 Crunch

From Fat32%
From Saturated Fat9.8%
From Sugar0%


Ingredient 6 servings 50 servings
Reduced sodium Sliced Jennie O turkeyoz/12oz/100
Low sodium cooked black beansC/1.5 C/12.5
Low sodium cooked cornC/.75C/6.25
Mild salsaoz/4.5oz/38
Choped fresh cilantrooz/3oz/12.5
Sour creamoz/3oz/25
Tri-colored tortilla chips, bakedeach/24each/200
Mexican seasoningoz/3oz/25
Diced tomatoesoz/3oz/24
Low sodium shredded cheddar cheeseoz/3 oz/25


Heat turkey as directed on package

Add corn, salas, cilantro, Mexican seasoning and diced tomato to turkey mixture and reheat to 165 degress

Assemble in 12 oz black bowl

Arrange three chips in bottom of bowl

Add turkey mixture

Arrange remaining chips around bowl

Add sour cream

Sprinkle diced tomates on top (1/2 oz per portion)

Garnish with remaining cilantro