"Rockin" Black Eyed Peas

By Kathy C. and Scott L. from David R, Bethany R, Nicolas R., E. Amherst, New York.


This is a side dish that is packed with vitamins and minerals using Black eyed peas and kale- the superstar of vegetables.  It is a play on "Beans and Greens"

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: .5 cup

From Fat13.81%
From Saturated Fat1.84%
From Sugar0%


Ingredient 6 servings 50 servings
Black Eyed Peas10 oz4#15oz
Water1QT3 Gal
Oil1.5 t4T
Kale, Raw-washed, ribs striped and diced6 oz3#
Onions,diced3 cup-
Garlic,minced.5 clove4 clove
Pepper, white.5 t1.5T
Vinegar2T.75 C
Ham (1/2 inch dice)5 oz2.5 #
Water2/3 C1Qt
Italian Seasoning1 t3 T


Bring black eyed peas to a boil- simmer for 30 minutes. Drain peas

Saute Onions and garlic in oil for 10 minutes med heat.

Add Kale(washed w/Stems removed and chopped into 1 inch pieces. Add italian seasoning waterBake at 350, pepper, vinegar and ham. Simmer until kale is wilted.

Place peas in 4 inch baking pan add kale, italian seasoning and water, stir

Bake at 350 for 60 minutes.

Garnish with kale leaves.