Picky Eater Pasta

By Chef Latrice M. and Tommy M. from CICS- Loomis Primary Academy, Chicago, IL .


This recipe is for all the kids who say "I don't like carrots or I don't like zucchini or I don't like vegetables" Our Picky Eater Pasta is a delicious way to get your "picky eaters" eating their veggies without complainsts. It is a rich, full bodied pasta sauce that can be used over again in lasagna, meatloaf, ravioli or meatball subs! 

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 1/2 cup

From Fat4%
From Saturated Fat1%
From Sugar5%


Ingredient 6 servings 50 servings
onions (minced)1 cup/8 oz8 1/3 cups
celery (minced)1/2 cup/4 oz4 1/4 cups
bell peppers (minced)1/2 cup/4 oz4 1/4 cups
shredded carrots3 cups/24 oz1 1/2 pound
shredded zucchini3 cups/24 oz1 1/2 pound
flat leaf spinach (chopped)3 cups/9 oz1 1/2 pound
ground turkey1 lb/8 oz8 1/2 pounds
canned crushed tomatoes10.5 cups/79.55 1/4 pounds
whole wheat rotini pasta3/4 cups/56g3 pounds
salt2 tsp2 tbsp
pepper2 tsp2 tbsp
Italian Seasoning2 TBSP3 tbsp
garlic (minced)1 oz/1 oz4 oz.


In a large stock pot add crushed tomatoes and 1 TBSP of Italian seasoning and bring to a simmer. While tomatoes are simmering mince onions, celery, bell peppers and garlic. Shred carrots and zucchini (using either the shred attachment on a food processor or large holes on a box grater) and finely chop spinach. In a large sauté pan heat 1 tbsp of canola oil over medium heat. Add onions, bell pepper, celery and carrots to pan, season with salt and pepper and remaining TBSP of Italian seasoning - cook approx. 5 minutes until softened. Then add garlic and zucchini, stir to combine and cook 1 more minute. Add vegetable mixture to simmering tomatoes and stir to combine and bring to a boil then reduce back down to a simmer. (The sauce can be pureed at this point if desired)

In the same pan used to sauté vegetables heat 1 tsp of canola oil and add ground turkey, season with salt and pepper and brown. Once turkey is brown add to the tomato sauce and simmer 5 minutes. While sauce is simmering cook pasta according to the instructions on the box. Finish the tomato sauce with 3/4 of the chopped spinach. Strain pasta once cooked and combine with tomato sauce. Serve pasta while warm and garnish with a sprinkle of remaining spinach. Enjoy!