Spaghetti ala Pesto

By Diane D. from Ballantyne Elamentary, Charlotte N.C..



This main dish is a powerhouse of colorful foods to energize your body. The taste is hearty whole grain spaghetti, crisp spinach and savory basil. It will give you the feeling of colors bursting in your mouth to fuel your body with energy to complete the task of your busy day.


Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 4 oz

From Fat4.5%
From Saturated Fat1.6%
From Sugar3.1%


Ingredient 6 servings 50 servings
whole grain spaghetti4.5cup/2.25lb2.54gal/19 lbs
garlic clove .6 clove/.755 cloves/6.50 0z
spinach raw.6 cup/5 oz5 cup/40oz
basil fresh.1/4 cup/.15 lb2.25 cups/1.25 lb
olive oil 1/3 cup/2.4 oz2.50cup/20 oz
salt1/2 tsp/1/2 tsp4 tsp/4 tsp.
parmesan cheese3/4 cup/6oz6.25 cup/3.12 lb
cottage cheese1.8cup/14.4 oz1 gallon/7.50lb.


Wash and chop the spinach5 oz. for 6 servings, 40 oz for 50 servings. and basil .15 oz for 6 servings 1.25 lbs for 50 servings . crush the garlic .75 of a clove for 6 servings 5 cloves for 50 servings.and mix in oil i/3rd of a cup for 6 servings and 2.50 cups for 50 servings set aside.

cook whole grain spaghetti noodles 2.25 bls of noodles in 0ne 12x20 pan with 2 quarts of water for 6 servings. 9 12x20 pans for the 50 servings cook in steamer for 7 minutes test for doneness drain and place in bowl.

Measure out the salt i/2 tsp. for 6 servings and 4 tsp. for 50 servings mix together in bowl

place cooked spaghetti in one 12 x 20 pan for 6 servings and 8 12x20 pans for 50 servings .

combine all ingredents in bowl fold in cottage cheese mix in pan or pans

cook at 135 degrees about 8 minutes place parmean cheese over top of each dish hold at at least 135 degrees hold for hot service 135 degrees or higher

same day service ccp

allergens wheat soy