Can Can Taco Soup

By Jason W. from Weddington Mills Elementary School, Concord NC.


This main dish is everything that you love in a taco blended to perfection in soup form.  This hearty healthy dish is great for those cold winter months when you need something that is hot and satisfying.  Made with fresh and local ingredients, you and your whole family will enjoy this dish.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 6 ounces

From Fat7.499%
From Saturated Fat2.394%
From Sugar5.057%


Ingredient 6 servings 50 servings
Ground Turkey - raw0unces/9 - 2/3Pounds/5
Onions - raweach/1each/5
Spinach - frozenOunces/9 - 2/3Pounds/5
Sweet Potato - dicedOunces/5 - 2/3 Pounds/3
Pinto BeansOunces/9 - 2/3 Pounds/5
Sweet Yellow CornOunces/9Pounds/4
Diced Tomatoes in juiceOunces/17Pounds/8 - 1/2
Diced Green ChiliesOunces/2 - 1/3Pounds/1 - 1/4
Italian SeasoningsPackage/2/3Packages/5
WaterCups/3Gallons/1 - 1/2
Black Pepper - course groundTbsp/1Tbsp/5
Cheddar Cheeseounces/2Ounces/15
Yellow Corn Tortilla ChipsOunces/1 - 1/4Ounces/10

  1. Brown ground turkey and onion in stock pot or braising pan and cook meat to 165°F.

  2. To browned meat and onions add the remaining prepared ingredients, spinach, cooked pinto beans, diced cooked sweet potatoes, corn, tomatoes, chilies, italian seasoning, water, pepper, cumin. Let soup simmer for 20 minutes

With immersion blender puree for 1 min to 2 minutes or until large chunks of tomato, beans and spinach are not visable

CCP: Cool hot foods to 41° or lower within 4 hours

Cool hot foods to 70° or lower within 2 hours

Foods served hot, heat to 165°for at least 15 seconds

No bare hand contact with cooked or ready to eat food

Hold Hot food at 135° or higher

Hold Cold food at 40° or below

Reheat leftovers to 165°

Serve soup with a 6 oz ladel in a bowl garnish with cheese .3oz of cheese and 2 (whole or boken) tortilla chip