Asian Spinch Salad with Miso Ginger Dressing

By Dan T., Nancy S. and Meredith E. from Brandeis Elementary, Louisville, KY.


This side sish is a great way to get your students to eat spinach. With a light and fresh tasting dressing and the crunch of chow mein noodles, this salad will make taste buds sing!

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 6 oz

From Fat24.5%
From Saturated Fat3.5%
From Sugar15%


Ingredient 6 servings 50 servings
Fresh Baby Spinach6 cups/12 oz.6.25 Gal./6.25 lbs
Fresh Shredded Carrots.5 cup/6 oz.3.12 Gal./3.12 lbs.
Mandarin OrangesApprox. 3 each/6 oz..75 #10 Can/3.12
Chow Mein Noodles 1 cup/6 oz.1 #10 can/3.12
Rainbow Slaw Mix(optional).5 cup/6 oz.3.12 Gal./3.12 lbs.
White Miso1 TB/.5 oz.1 Cup/20 oz
Rice Wine Vinegar.25 cup/2 fluid oz..5 Quart/16 oz.
Soy Sauce1 TB/.5 fluid oz.1 Cup/8 oz.
Pickled Ginger.25 cup/2 oz.2 Cups/16 oz.
Sugar.12 cup/ 1 oz.2 Cups/1 lb.
Vegetable Oil .25 cup/2 fluid oz1 Quart/32 Oz


For the dressing, place Vinegar, Miso, Sugar, Soy Sauce and Pickled Ginger in to blender and blend until smooth. Add Vegetable oil slowly while motor is running unitl thickened.

In mixing bowl place Spinach and Carrots(Rainbow Slaw if desirerd) and slowly add dressing, mixing well until distributed evenly without saturating the spinach, it may require less than all of the prepared dressing.

With tongs, place approximatley 4 oz. of dressed salad in bowls and top with the Mandarin Oranges and Chow Mein Noodles